Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Flies when you have so much to do!

The entire family is preparing for China. We are now officially on the 30-Day departure plan. To be honest it really is a honey-do list on steroids. Anyway the checklist is active and we are marking things off daily. This weekend we will begin packing. We start with soccer balls for the orphanage. Next make sure every electronic device has google translate on and working. Chelsea speaks no English and the family combined knows about 10 Chinese words.

We are now 21 days, three short weeks away from beginning our Journey to Chelsea.

She has the same stance as Michael!! Maybe she is watching soccer?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Brithday CHELSEA!!

We really hoped we would have had Chelsea home late last year.  When we were not able to make that happen, we were hopeful to have her home or be with her on her birthday.  Unable to make that happen the entire family (Hank and Hudson included) Skyped with her yesterday.  She understandably is very quiet and uncertain as to whom these people are that she is looking at.  Chelsea knows only a few English words and relied on her teacher to translate.  She sang us a song in Chinese; we sang happy birthday to her in English. Nolan and I have downloaded English to Chinese google translator onto our electronic devices to help with the communication.  Chelsea turns 9 on Tuesday February 10.
We leave for China in only 38 days.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

So What is in a Name?

So what is in a name?

So what is in a name anyway?  Our family is continually reminded that Michael means who is like God.  This usually generates and automatic response of eye rolling, a room departure and muttering something under the breath. ..

As we have said before our daughter’s name means pure and beautiful.  And we are going to keep it as her middle name.  So what does Chelsea mean?  Historically it means “port of Ships” or landing place for chalk or limestone; not exactly awe inspiring.  Seriously it is not nearly as clear and concise as someone who is God like. J

If you are looking for the true definition of Chelsea you need not go further than the Avery household.  When you say Chelsea in this Avery domicile our minds go to Futbol; European Futbol to be specific. Crystal Palace, Burley or even Manchester United names mean very little to us. Our hearts and minds turn "forever Blue" and to Chelsea FC. It has long been Michael's Favorite "soccer" (for you non-fanatical) team.

Of course we did not limit ourselves to the 20 teams in the Barclays Premier League We genuinely like the sound of the name. Chelsea and Sophie have a common ring and just sound so good together, like sisters...

Besides Chelsea clearly beats the second choice Tottenham (Tot - en - Ham) or "Totesy" for short.  The alternate or a close third Swansea (Swans-E) was briefly considered but that conjures thought of the ugly duckling and of course we already know she is pure and beautiful.