Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Best Made Plans...

Four legs and a tail and now we are home.

 Speaking of four legs and a tail....  Chelsea is afraid of dogs.  Actually she is terrified of dogs.  We tried to warn her up front about our furry companions.  About seven months ago we sent he a little photo book full of pictures including the loveable lugs Hank and Hudson.

While touring the Spring Palace the topic came up.  We asked our guide, Alice, to ask her if she had seen the photo album, she said she had.  Alice asked her what she thought of it.  “She said they have a dog.” Alice asked her if she liked dogs and Chelsea shook her head no. We figured it was a bad time to tell her we do not have a dog we have two 100+ Lbs. dogs that spend half of their life being called a Jack-Wagon by one or more members of the family.

Michael had a plan to gracefully introduce the last two members of the family to the newest.  He would go collect the boyZ from the Kennel and bring them home.  Let them into the backyard where they would run to the back door.  Chelsea could see them (both of them) for the first time clearly separated by our full length glass door.  Next Michael would send each of the other kids out to play with the dogs.  This was intended to show Chelsea that they would not eat her, it would wear the dogs out as they played, and calm them down a bit for phase three.

Michael would then allow Hudson, the calmer of the two into the house.  The probability of a quick sniff then a nap on the couch was very high.  Next Hanksta the Gangsta would be allowed in.  For those ho have not met Hank, we have several nick names for him.  Hanksta, Hanksta the Gangsta, Hanky, Hanky-Panky and… Jack-Wagon. Introduction here would have to be more controlled because Hank, although looks like he could eat your face actually cannot control his lick-er.  All he would want to do is knock Chelsea to the ground and kiss her to death. 

Michael expected this to be the hardest part of the plan.  Holding a 105 Lbs. dog back from a 40 Lbs. frightened girl until he could contain himself from being the Jack-Wagon would be difficult but could be done with a well-executed plan.  Well you know what they say about plans…

The first part of the plan went flawlessly.  Michael picked up the four legged family members and brought them home.  He placed them in the back yard. Here is where things went slightly awry.  It seems that the plan although communicated to some of the family members it was not communicated to all.  Or All of the family members just decided to ignore Michael. I am not sure which one it was and it is not really relevant, the important thing here is a loan will be taken out to pay for therapy.

Both dogs were allowed into the house at the same time.  Both dogs were very excited to see their long lost family and lets face it the dogs believed they had just been paroled. As 200+ Lbs. of dogs came bounding into the kitchen Chelsea turned into a spider monkey.  Quickly ducking around the kitchen Island swing herself up onto the bar stools to the countertop and finally to the highest accessible point in the kitchen the raised breakfast bar.  Standing in the middle of the bar head amongst the pots hanging from the ceiling rack she now morphed from a Spider Monkey to a Howler Monkey screaming at the top of her lungs and I am sure thinking, they adopted me to feed me to these monsters?!!!

Myriam was able to pry her from the ceiling and hold her.  While the dogs jumped around wanting to see the new addition. “Is it another kid? Is it a squeaky toy? It made one heck of a racket let me see, let me see as they jump up and down.

Michael had a perfect plan but alas it is only the execution  that matters I am just glad Chelsea did not have a weapon at the time, mostly because I am not sure who she would have taken out first.

The following days brought more startled screams, then the eventual being in the same room as her tormentors, then on the same level.  Eventually Chelsea snuck a pet or two with Hudson and them Finally Hank.

I would not say that dog is Chelsea’s best friend just yet but they are making progress.  The boyZ have somehow figured out that Chelsea does not like them.  It is possible that the Screaming and spider monkey simulation was recognized at not normal.  For whatever reason, the dogs have been on their best behavior.  Even the gangsta has refrained from being a Jack–Wagon for about a week.  A person best for Hank.

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