Friday, April 17, 2015

A Week of Firsts

Where to start;

It has been a long an emotional week for the Avery household.  It started on Monday, the tragic accident in Bonney Lake that claimed three young lives struck close to home as Myriam knew the young family.  It was an emotional low for the family, making everyone realize how precious and fragile life and family really are.  Luckily it was offset by some of the firsts for Chelsea who makes us laugh on a daily basis.  We definitely needed her this week.

First day of School. 

OK technically it was her third day.  On the Thursday 4/9 Chelsea and Myriam went to school to have lunch with her class.  Everything went well and after lunch Chelsea was ready to stay but it was time to go.  The next day Chelsea came again for lunch and this time stayed for the reminder of the day; about 3 ½ hours.  Sophie and her best friend came and had lunch with Chelsea as much to do something different at lunch as it was to reassure Chelsea that someone was there that she knew.

Monday was different.  It was a full day of school no special treatment.  Well actually that is not entirely true.  Chelsea has a para-educator for half the day, starting in the morning, and staying with her until lunch time.  Darlene is wonderful and is there to help Chelsea in her first weeks of school. She is helping bridge the gap for Chelsea and we are grateful to have her for four weeks.

Chelsea is learning new words every day and we are impressed with how much she absorbs.  In fact we are now pretty sure she understands everything we are saying and is holding out on us.  Her favorite word is “No” as in Chelsea it is time to get a shower “no” time to brush your teeth, “no”, time to get up and get ready for school “no”. Her facial expressions during these conversations are what make them priceless.  She never ceases to make us smile and laugh.

The school has been amazing.  They have been waiting for Chelsea for most of the school year.  They found the para-educator who speaks Chinese and purchased Rosetta Stone software for her computer to help her learn English and when you arrive at Bonne Lake Elementary everything is in English and Chinese.  The office, classrooms, library, everything is dual language.  They have really outdone themselves, we are so grateful for the warm embrace they have given Chelsea.

The Boss arrives:

On Wednesday Michael had to repair one of the toilets.  He turned off the water and disassembled the unit which caught the interest of his youngest child.  She followed him to the garage where Michael assembled the new unit under her supervision.  When Michael returned to the bathroom it was here that Chelsea decided she needed to use the facilities.  Michael told her “you cannot use it here, you have to go upstairs, and this one is not working.”  This received a sharp and clear “NO”, and a firm point to the disassembled toilet. Michael resumed his work under the watchful eye of his new foreman.  Sophie was not at the house she was with her best friend and that did not set well with her.  She wanted to be with her sister and new friends.  When the doorbell rang Chelsea was sure it was her sister and left her post over Michael’s shoulder supervising the work being done.  When Sophie was not at the door (I could have told her that Sophie does not ring the doorbell when she gets home but I was too busy turning wrenches.)

Myriam was surprised to see her coming out of the bathroom headed for the front door and asked what she was up to.  Michael informed anyone who would listen that she needed to use the bathroom upstairs because this one is not working.  With the knowledge that Sophie was not at the door and having no desire to go upstairs Chelsea quickly returned to the bathroom, yelled “NO” then closed and locked herself inside the dismantled bathroom with Michael.  At this point she turned and said “Daddy Hurry!”

The event that distracted the foreman gave the general laborer just enough time to finish the job.  And typical of Sr. Management no thank you was offered, just a firm finger pointing the way to the exit.  The door was closed and locked.

Other notable firsts:

·         She has traded her spider monkey routine when encounter the dogs to one similar to a lion tamer, smacking the dogs on the rear when they fail to move out of her way fast enough. 

·         She has begun eating grapes with the skins.  Seriously try and peel your next grape and discard the skin. You can only use your fingers and teeth.  I guarantee my daughter will put you to shame. So now she eats the entire grape -thank goodness. 

·         She is now addicted to chips and salsa just like Sophie and Myriam.

·         She received her first knee scrape.  It did not require a band aide but she got her first one anyway

·         She is now addicted to band- aides.  She likes to stick them on her knees.

·         She then walks with one leg stiff as if she has an injury.  If you watch she will switch legs from time to time.

·         Her first park soccer game with friends and siblings; she may be a keeper. Actually she is a keeper but she may also be a goalie.  She likes to throw herself on top of the ball even if people are kicking at it.  Now we just need to prevent her from doing it at the 50 yard line.    

While we were in China we noticed Chelsea can sleep 10, 12, 14 hours a day.  We assumed it was because everything was so new to her.  When we got home she continued to sleep long hours.  We discounted it as getting use to the new time zone.  OK we have been back for a couple of weeks now and sleeping 14 hours just will not due.

 We are learning a lot with her like we need to time things better. We need to allow 10 minutes to brush teeth.  If we rush her we get locked out of the bathroom. She is hard to get into the shower; it usually includes some bribery and at least one search of the house after she has “agreed” to take a shower.  She is small and hiding places are plentiful. She is not a morning person. Each “good morning sweetheart it’s time to get up and get ready for school is promptly met with a groan and a “NO!”

So the restroom humor continues this week.  Myriam thinks we need to call them Chelsea Chuckles and I agree. So here goes the first one.



Chelsea does not miss a beat, Michael routinely stated while in China that she never blinks.  She takes everything in; as you read this imagine the scene in your head. 

Chelsea tells her teacher that she needs to use the bathroom.  This is a regular event as Chelsea has the bladder the size of a pea.  Chelsea gets the appropriate hall pass and proceeds to the restroom where she selects a stall. While in the stall she looks down and recognizes a pair of shoes in the adjacent stall. It is the shoes of her friend. Ever so eager, Chelsea quickly crawls under the divider wall pops her head up and says “HI”!!

Not sure what you would have done but if I am in a stall and someone pops their head up from below and shouts HI!  It is probably a good thing I am where I am at the moment; let’s just say it is an appropriate spot for what would happen!  We are going to have to work on personal space, and apparently physical barriers.

Her first Sounder FC cap and t-shirt
complements of the Dynacraft quality Dept. 

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