Saturday, April 18, 2015

Preparing for a Chinese foot rub in
Mom and daugher geting ready for foot massage
Even Uncle Panda got a massage
Nana and Big Sister Sophie getting a foot massage.
Mom, Chelsea, Sophie, Chase (yes Chase) Mady and Ron
All got foot massages.

Lighting insense at the buddist temple;
Prayers left to right
Please provide food and nurishment soon
Please let this be my forever family
Please someone fund the college fund X4
Outside Lucy's American burger restaurant in Guangzhou.
Everyone knows these statues as "the fat Americans"
Gotta work off the extra pounds after Lucy's
China is known for these exercise parks. The
government puts in little community parks for all
types of exercise.  They are well used
 instead of the American style gyms

Quick rest

Over and a perfect dismount. See we all
knew these Chinese Gymnists were youger
than the rest of the world
Hanging out in the Bannyan tree - Guangzhou China

Apartment life in Guangzhou.  It was so nice to spreadout in a
country so densely populated

Uncle Panda listening to Hip Hop and Rap on his new $7 Beats

Checking out the pool for the first time.  A few minues late
Chelsea slipped and got "the full experience"  After a brief
moment of shock she lovved it and and would spends hours
there is she could. She will at Lake Jane Pool here in
Bonney Lake 

Pool Life

Relaxing after the pool.  Diva in training...
Sophie the jock playing "Flyers Up"


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