Friday, May 8, 2015

Chaos is Calming

You know it has been chaotic when you have to think about the blog post and say to yourself there is so much going on I do not know what to blog about.

Our lives are chaotic and as we dive headlong into another outdoor season with an increase of players by 25% it’s only going to be worse. Our kids know the term "Tuck and Roll", we joke that we are constantly on the move and the car never quite comes to a stop so just Tuck and Roll... But that is how we live; chaos most times organized occasionally and usually less so. The kids roll with the flow though, and we are thankful that Chelsea is about as easy going as they come. She continues her firsts but they come with such ease now that we really don't realize they are firsts for her. For example last weekend we decided we needed to get her some training wheels for her bike. Tonight she trained herself. "Training wheels...I don't need no stink’en training wheels.

I know she can ride, but dad cannot operate a smart phone...What are you going to do??

Here are a few other picks of our quickly becoming "American Girl"

Hey Batter, Batter, Swing Batter
I got her to stop just for a minute to take a picture of the American Sluger
Playing Pickle Ball
Serve it right in here sis.  Marin and I got this
Back at ya Sophie - She actually has pretty good hand eye coordination



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